Implants in Colombia


Dr. Juan Manuel García started cochlear implants in Colombia in the 1990s. More than 550 patients have undergone the surgery and now have a very close to normal hearing and thus a normal everyday life.

One of the most important developments in ear surgery, in the last decades, has been cochlear implants for the rehabilitation of profound deafness patients due to congenital pathologies or acquired and that didnt receive any benefits with the use of conventional earpieces.

The cochlear implant is a prosthesis implanted in the mastoid and the electrodes are introduced directly in the internal ear through a round opening to replace the nervous fibers and transmit sound directly to the cerebral cortex through the nervous fibers of the ear nerve. Patients that use the implant can discriminate language normally and may incorporate to all social and work activities without complications. The future of cochlear implants is becoming more and more promissory. In the United States alone, more than 10,000 implants have been practiced to date. It is considered that nearly 200.000 patients are eligible candidates for this surgery procedure.

Colombia has been a pioneer in the the cochlear implant surgery and such success is attributed to Doctors Juan Manuel García and Augusto Peñaranda, distinguished Otologists, members of the ORL at San José Hospital. They have performed the first implants in Colombia at San Jose Hospital and Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá in 1992, and to this date have operated more than 550 patients without complications. This valuable experience has been presented in several International Medical Congresses in Latin America, United States, Australia, France and Germany.

Doctor Juan M. García has been invited to Ecuador and Peru where he practiced the first implants in 2000and will present this experience at the World ORL Congress in Cairo, Egypt. It is estimated that 50.000 patients are candidates for cochlear implants. Congratulations to Dr. García and Doctor Peñaranda for such valuable experiences that have put Colombia as a pioneer in cochlear implants in Latin America.