Cautions when swimming


Children\'s ear precautions when swimming A field trip or a vacation trip can be ruined for you and your children if ear ache shows up. This is why it is very important to consider taking a few simple precautions if you and your children are going to be swimming on your next vacation.

If possible get ear plugs for your children if not from professionals at least from your local pharmacy. This will prevent water from getting into their ears. At the begining they\'re not comfortable but within a few days it will become as normal as tha bathing suit.

Teach your children to jump on one of their feet and learn to tilt they\'re head in that direction after leaving the pool, so by gravity the fluids that may have introduced into the ear canal may be expelled.

Be cautious in not putting your head under water in rivers, lakes and other water bodies which don\'t have a water purification system.

In case the otitis pain appears, be as quick as possible on taking your children to a physician who will must surely have to prescribe antibiotics and pain killers