Ear Cleansing



Ear cleansing is a controversial topic. Around the world are many ways different cultures have used for ages to cleanse their ears. There are even public services in some parts of Asia where cleansing is done in the street or in a barber shop as part of service. In other cultures inserting fluids that rinse out and flush wax are common.

But the bottom line with regards to this topic is what any health professional would recommend any patient. Don't poke or insert things into your ear canal. This can only make things worse. With respect to Q tips, it is strongly recommended not to insert them and move them inside your ear canal this will only make debris and wax accumulate.

In case there is gradual hear loss or it is very noticeable that ear wax is blocking the ear canal the best thing to do is to visit your doctor. Only health professionals can perform a reliable ear canal cleansing.