Hearing Loss in Teenagers


Recently it has become a concern to many health professionals related to Otology that teenagers have increased the use of MP3 and other music devices. It has been proved that such use at a high volume and for an extended period of time may produce hearing loss. This is why it is recommended that when using an MP3 or an iPod, youngsters must be aware of such risk in the long run.

Young generations as the ones we have now, have had access to sound devices for longer periods of time in a much higher volume. Before, in other decades, listening to music wasn't so loud or for such a long time or so close to the ear.

Hearing loss may not be sudden and may appear as certain sounds or consonants can't be heard. Teenagers should beware of this great risk when using their hearing devices. The increasing amount of young people with hearing loss has set the alarms on the medical communities around the globe.

Many publications worldwide have dedicated attention to such issue.

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