Testimonial 1

Young Patient implanted at the age eight, testified during his graduation, Felipe Rivera at High School Gimnasio Moderno in Bogota, Colombia. Speech graduation at Gimnasio Moderno on 2009. Felipe is one of the patients of Dr. Juan Manuel García. From an early age he received a cochlear implant.


Testimonial 2

Testimony of Juan Sebastian's Pinilla mother on the  progress and achievements of Juan Sebastian Pinilla obtained after cochlear implant.

Testimonial 3

Bogotá, September 30, 2011



Subject: Cochlear Implant


Dear Dr. Juan Manuel

Next November 18 will be a year of having performed cochlear implant surgery in my left ear. The results have been very satisfactory, I regained hearing in a close to eighty percent of which would be considered normal.

Previously, despite using headphones, I could not meet the minimum needs for communication.

I am very pleased to have made ​​this decision, despite the risks involved, especially age, because at that time was 83.

On this occasion, I wish you and the professionals who make up his team my appreciation for the attention and affection that I have received throughout the processprior to surgery and rehabilitation.

I authorize the use of this document, in the manner it deems most appropriate for the information of others who may be in a situation similar to mine.

With sentiments of esteem and appreciation, I remain.




Testimonial 4

Doctor Juan Manuel García Gómez,

Long ago I had promised to give my testimony. There have been many events since then, but I have  never forgotten. How I found a place to leave as a  witness, I send it to you, so you can upload it on your website. I really am grateful to you for your dedication and effort  that has really made me listen better  having on me a personal and positive social impact. So writing this is a sign of appreciation that I have for you, your colleagues and your profession. So without further ado here leave some words that I hope will encourage others to make the decision to improve your life through interventions performed.


My name is David Luna Duran, I am 25 years and am generally a healthy person . A year ago I decided to make a estapedoctomía with Dr. Juan Manuel García Gómez.This is a complex surgical procedure whereby the doctor performed a reconstruction surgery on my left ear and I inserted two titanium prosthesis that replaced the internal ossicles that  were malformed after suffering an accident as a child, which progressively put me in total deafness.


Until then, I had been afraid and I felt uncomfortable about what happened to me, it is never easy to accept these things and generally ignore the consequences it can bring. My friends and family were quite aware of my problem and always helped me and received their support, however, a few uncomfortable situations happened that  involved my hearing problem. For example, I was talking and was really not, sometimes believed things that were not understood and often people  ignored me for not being able to hear them. Also, having this problem, of difficulty to hear in class and often needed repetition.  I also was on the street I couldn´t locate where sounds were coming and seemed to always be distracted.
Today, all of these situations have been reduced to a minimum, especially those related to social interactions, which are very important not only personally, but for my work, as in everyday life should always be attentive to everything people say, something that would not be fluid and would have brought trouble if I had performed the operation in time. And now when I'm on the street or go to the field I can easily recognize the source of sounds and intensity, so always tell others to listen better, I have also improved my vision of things in space.

Therefore I encourage everyone to leave the fear of surgery, because in reality for one as a patient is very easy to carry, no long-term negative consequences, as the recovery is very fast and does not involve many inconveniences. On the contrary, it brings very good results for personal life. I appreciate this testimony to Dr. Juan Manuel, his collaborators and his profession for their achievements and efforts and hope they are rewarded.